You may have heard of Fund Recovery Complaints. While the company is not a scam, its operation is a matter of public concern. Fraudulent firms often charge advance fees to operate, which makes it hard to get your money back if you have fallen victim to a scam. Here are some tips on how to report such a firm. If you’ve been a victim of a scam, be sure to file a complaint with a federal agency.

First, don’t trust the company. There are some reasons why you should avoid this company. Unlike a traditional recovery firm, they don’t screen new clients. That means you’ll be taking on cases that they don’t have any chance of recovering. That wastes your time and money, and doesn’t help you get your money back. So, stay away from Fund Recovery and don’t fall victim to its gimmick.

Second, it’s important to check the company’s credentials. It’s possible that the company is unlicensed, but it’s unlikely. The company has a history of dealing with financial service providers, regulators, and legal authorities. They use sophisticated data tracking tools to find fraudulent activity. They are experienced in spotting scammers, and they have advanced data tracking tools. Using these tools, they can identify fraudsters who pose as genuine people.